Friday, December 16, 2011

Question 158

Put Funda

Answer : First Google April Fool Hoax. Blank is MentalPlex.


Rohan Danait said...

lol, the first Google April fool hoax. Blank being MentalPlex. You should have posted this on 1st april

Nevil.C.Philip said...

google's April day joke.

The name is Multi plex(I had to google for the name)
But i got the funda right

Ayashman said...

This was one of Google's April Fools prank, where they said you search something just by thinking about it real hard, or somefink like that..

Jazzy said...

one of the silly things done by google on 1st of this particular case people were told that google could now read the minds of the people.people were told to think about something and as soon as they pressed enter such silly things came up on the screen!!