Thursday, July 14, 2011

Question 84

X is a very famous sketch that aired on T.V in 1970.... It is set on a cafè in which there are characters named waitress, Mr. Bun and Mrs. Bun... The story revolves around the fact that each dish in the menu has X... Mrs. Bun, who doesn't like X asks the waitress to remove X from a dish... Much to the amazement of Mr. Bun, an X loving man, the waitress disagrees. Eventually Mrs. Bun shouts ' I don't like X!'. It also features some vikings who sing songs about X.. In this sketch the word 'X' is uttered about 140 times. Due to this, the word became very popular and is used by many. Id 'X'!!!

Answer : Spam... cracked by Nevil, GIM Quizzing, Arpit, ARJUNTHEGREAT, Shabir and Rahul Varma...