Friday, June 24, 2011

Question 62

Y, under the guidance of X invented Z, which was invented for the victims of a landmine accident. Z was invented in 1968. Z is made by Polyurethane which is provided by Dow India..
These are some advantages of Z -
1. Z is waterproof and lasts for about 3 years.
2. Z is very lightweight and weighs below 1.5 kg.
3. Z just costs 35$

Id Z......


Answer : Z - Jaipur leg
X - P K Sethi
Y - Ram Chandra Sharma
Cracked by Dirty-i, Nanda, Arpit, Indian, Qsachinn & Ravi.....


Nanda said...

Jaipur Leg

Dirty-i said...

Jaipur leg..

arpit said...

X-pk sethi, Y- Ram Chandra Sharma,
Z- Jaipur Foot

Rithvik Kumar said...

Polyurethane Resin manufacturers

indian said...

X - p k sethi & Y - ramachandra sharma.
Z - Jaipur Foot.