Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Question 60

These are the 20 answers in _______

 It is certain
 It is decidedly so
 Without a doubt
 Yes – definitely
 You may rely on it
 As I see it, yes
 Most likely
 Outlook good
 Signs point to yes
 Reply hazy, try again
 Ask again later
 Better not tell you now
 Cannot predict now
 Concentrate and ask again
 Don't count on it
 My reply is no
 My sources say no
 Outlook not so good
 Very doubtful

A newer model of _____ is said to have these answers -

  • Yes, in due time.
  • My sources say no.
  • Definitely not.
  • Yes.
  • You will have to wait.
  • I have my doubts.
  • Outlook so so.
  • Looks good to me!
  • Who knows?
  • Looking good!
  • Probably.
  • Are you kidding?
  • Go for it!
  • Don't bet on it.
  • Forget about it.

FITB (both are same)...

Answer : Magic-8 Ball... Cracked by Nanda, Arpit, Paradox, Nevil & Ravi...


Rithvik Kumar said...

i donno wat exactly it is called is something related to c++??

Nanda said...

Magic 8 ball.
Could you add my blog
to your blogroll?
I have already added yours

arpit said...

Magic 8-Ball

Paradox said...

Magic 8Ball

Nevil.C.Philip said...

The magic 8-Ball fortune telling thingie

ARJUN said...

it can also be ...wat will be the weather tommorow